Healthy Eating during the Holidays: Breakfast

It’s the holiday season, and healthy eating is more important than ever! For the next few weeks I will be sharing different tips to stay healthier and on track!
This week we will start with breakfast! Breakfast is a hot topic for a lot of people- and can go many different ways! Some people love it and have it every morning, and some always skip it- opting instead for coffee! I don’t always eat a big breakfast, but will always try to have something in the morning! Especially lately, I am a big smoothie drinker. This is great for people who need something quick, nutrient dense and delicious!
In my smoothies, I throw Arbonne protein, Collagen Peptides, frozen berries or ice, spinach and usually some mixed nut butter from Trader Joe’s! These smoothies are filling, have a good balance of fats, carbs and proteins, and get me through the morning training!
During this season, especially with holiday parties, cocktail parties and big meals- it is important to get nutrients early on!
You can also make smoothie bowls and add coconut flakes, granola, fresh fruit and more nut butter! This is really good for people who dont like drinking their meals!
If you aren’t a smoothie drinker and crave something warmer and more savory- Eggs, greens (I love making omelets to get more veggies in!) and protein like chicken breakfast sausage, bacon etc! Make sure you have a balanced meal- with as many veggies as possible as well as healthy proteins and fats!
Savory oatmeal is also something I am coming to love. This is a great source of carbs and again you can top it with sautéed veggies and a fried egg!
Use breakfast as a way to jumpstart your day in a healthy way! Especially if you know you are headed somewhere with less healthy options later!

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