Personal growth and healthy lifestyles have always been a huge part of my life. Since I was little I was involved in some kind of sport, but swimming and running won out as my top two sports. Neither sport came necessarily easily to me, but the hard work I had to put in taught me a lot about resilience and using goals to push myself to be not only a better athlete but person as well!

From my own experiences, I have learned to put a lot of merit on the mental aspect of sports and fitness. Working out is for me and many of my clients, a therapeutic experience. It is a chance to get fully immersed in something that feels good and is good for both body and mind. Using my background in Sport and Performance psychology, I am able to create an environment for clients to find both physical and mental strength. My approach is all about creating a healthy lifestyle and habits. In addition to the mental and fitness training, I have certifications in nutrition, and health coaching. I help clients find the balance between healthy eating and their lifestyle in order to get away from “dieting” and create habits that last.

MBody is aimed at helping people embody their true selves through workouts, nutrition, and a healthy mindset towards both themselves and their wellness goals! Whether you are looking for training, sport psychology/mental coaching or nutrition, MBody has a way to help you!