At Home Workouts

Happy Tuesday!
It’s another snowy day here in Nashville and other places, which among other things, means it may be an excuse to not workout if your normal routine is thrown off!

Not to worry, I am the queen of at home workouts! Working in a gym all day, I often find less motivation to work out there and more at home! So I have developed at home workouts using weights and body weights in order to get what I need when I need it! In today’s social media based world, its so easy to go on Pinterest and insta and YouTube and find awesome workouts you can do at home! Which is why I am so excited to launch my YouTube channel featuring only workouts to be done at home!

These workouts will vary in length and intensity but can also be modified to your needs and Fitness level!

Today’s workout is structured around build-up circuits and plyo AMRAPs.
There is a 3 min AMRAP warm up to get your heart tease up and muscles warm!
Circuit 1 and Circuit 3 are meant to warm up your muscles before the second and fourth circuits which are based on combo weighted moves. Do 1 and 3 one time and 2 and 4 three times! I used 5lb weights, but lighter weights or no weights are fine! Listen to your body and what you can do!


Enjoy and enjoy and let me know how you did!



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