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Why I hate Dieting

' Happy Tuesday Y’all! Today I want to talk about why I hate diets! A few weeks ago, I wrote about Intermittent Fasting, and how well it has worked for me, so now I want to go into why it has worked so well!   I went on my first diet at 16, I had gained a few pounds on a mission trip to Africa and despite the fact that I was an athlete, I wanted to become healthier and more knowledgeable about how I fueled my body. So I bought a bunch of South Beach Diet cookbooks and my foray into dieting began! Since then, I have tried and failed almost every fad diet of the last 10 years, not even because I needed to lose weight, but because it was trendy to be on said diet. Which brings me to why I hate diets so much! Eating healthy and fueling our bodies shouldn’t be a trend. We shouldn’t feel a societal push to be healthy, we should eat healthy because it feels good for our body! I love certain parts of Whole30, but know it’s not realistic for me lifestyle wise, high fat low carb diets? I am way too active to be low carb! And my body craves meat so while I love vegetarian dishes, I can never commit to vegetarian ism long term. I have figured out an intuitive way of eating that allows me to stop feeling guilty, because I’m listening to my body and fueling it accordingly! Are you stuck in the dieting rut?! Let me know, I would love to help you! xxoo
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Spinach and Artichoke Chicken Thighs

' happy Thursday! I am always looking for healthier twists on some of my favorites, and this week that came together in the form of spinach and artichoke chicken thighs! I’ll jump right to the chase and share the recipe! 4 bone in skin on chicken thighs 1 white onion chopped 1 bag frozen artichokes 1 bag spinach 2 tbsp butter 1/2 can coconut milk 1/4 c White wine garlic, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper to taste Start by sautéing onions 1n 1/4 of the butter, once they start to yellow, add chicken thighs. Cook for about 15 minutes, and then flip thighs for about 5 to brown the skin and crisp it up a bit! Then add in artichokes and spinach. Sauté for another 2 min before adding coconut milk and spices. Let simmer for about 5-8 minutes and then add in wine. Simmer for another 5-8 minutes and then you are done! Serve over rice   y’all this was even better as leftovers for lunch just now- flavors are perfect and the spinach/artichoke combo pairs perfectly with the richness of the chicken thighs and coconut milk! Let me know once you try it! xxoo  
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Comfort Zones

' Hi Y’all! I mentioned this subject yesterday on Instagram, but the topic of comfort zones has really been sitting heavy with me this past week! So today I am going to get real with you, a little vulnerable, but very honest. 3 years ago, I was full time personal training and practicing sports psychology, and I was basically forced to live outside my comfort zone constantly because of the fluid and sometimes sporadic nature of the industry that I am in. It got too much, and instead of sticking it out to pursue my goals, I stepped backwards into a comfortable job and steady paycheck. I put my business on the back burner during this time, and was content to just live in that comfort zone of steadiness without being truly fulfilled or in an environment that supported my growth. This past May, I decided enough was enough due to a number of circumstances and took a leap back into what I started years ago. I left my steady comfort zone job to go back into full time training and counseling. And even though there are times I am living in a place of fear and uncertainty, every single day I go to work and am fulfilled. On days when I want to live in self pity and fear, working with clients and helping people get healthy and find themselves makes me 100% better. I am learning to push past the fear and doubts telling me to stop, and instead am learning to embrace putting myself out there, tackling the obstacles, and working harder and smarter to reach my goals and help more people! The reason for sharing this, is to let y’all know that I get it. Sometimes, a lot of times actually it is easier to not try, to not push yourself out there. But taking the easy way out will never allow you to truly reach your goals. It’s when we are tested, and pushed to our limits that our light truly shines and we can achieve anything! This week, journal or take time to think about what comfort zones you are living in that may be holding you back. Are you worried about working out because its been awhile and the gym makes you nervous? Worried about taking that plunge toward your dream job or house or life? Write it down, and then figure out the steps to get out of that comfort zone every day. Baby steps are all it takes to lead to a huge change down the road! If you want guidance or support, reach out! I’d love to hear from you and help! Xxoo Meg
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30 Day Holiday Challenge

' Happy Tuesday!! It’s official the Holiday season has begun!! This is one of the best times of the year, but I know for many it comes with self-doubt, insecurities, and anxiety around the social obligations that pile up around this time of year! However, do not fear- because I have developed a 30 day Challenge to keep you on track and reaching your goals even if you indulge a bit! The key to all things in life is balance, especially during the holidays! Sticking to or creating healthy habits now will help you stick to them in the new year! After all who needs New Years resolutions when you can do it all year round? Ok Meg, what is this challenge you have created? Well its simple!! Pick a Fitness or Nutrition big goal! This can be anything from I want to eat more vegetables to I want to do 3 HIIT workouts a week! In addition to this goal, make a Seasonal Cheer goal! What can you do this season to give back to your community or just spread some holiday cheer? Maybe you volunteer to give meals to the homeless or take part in an Angel Tree gift giving! This can be anything that feeds your soul and helps others! This challenge isn’t just about your big goals however. It is about the things we do daily and weekly! There will be weekly challenges with hashtags- I would love to see pictures of you all participating and what you are working for! After all if you didn’t take a picture... did it happen? Worried about accountability? Worry not! I will be reaching out to everyone individually to help with your goals, and I will create a facebook group that we can all share our progress in! Need more incentive? At the end of this challenge (Dec 31) I will be drawing two names from the participants to win 2 weeks free fitness and nutrition coaching- near or far!! Jumpstart your New Year with personalized coaching!! Email me to join in the fun! I can’t wait to see what everyone does!!!! Xxoo Meg