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Why I hate Dieting

' Happy Tuesday Y’all! Today I want to talk about why I hate diets! A few weeks ago, I wrote about Intermittent Fasting, and how well it has worked for me, so now I want to go into why it has worked so well!   I went on my first diet at 16, I had gained a few pounds on a mission trip to Africa and despite the fact that I was an athlete, I wanted to become healthier and more knowledgeable about how I fueled my body. So I bought a bunch of South Beach Diet cookbooks and my foray into dieting began! Since then, I have tried and failed almost every fad diet of the last 10 years, not even because I needed to lose weight, but because it was trendy to be on said diet. Which brings me to why I hate diets so much! Eating healthy and fueling our bodies shouldn’t be a trend. We shouldn’t feel a societal push to be healthy, we should eat healthy because it feels good for our body! I love certain parts of Whole30, but know it’s not realistic for me lifestyle wise, high fat low carb diets? I am way too active to be low carb! And my body craves meat so while I love vegetarian dishes, I can never commit to vegetarian ism long term. I have figured out an intuitive way of eating that allows me to stop feeling guilty, because I’m listening to my body and fueling it accordingly! Are you stuck in the dieting rut?! Let me know, I would love to help you! xxoo
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Intermittent Fasting

' Happy Tuesday! Today I am popping on to talk about Intermittent Fasting. I have fasted in some sort or other for years, whether for medial or religious reasons, as well as the unhealthy fasting that comes with stress and personal pain. But as this way of eating has grown more popular, I wanted to learn more about it in order to implement into mine and my clients eating. The best part of IF, is that it is not a diet, instead it is a pattern of eating that I have found incredibly freeing and has allowed me to focus less on what I am eating, instead I focus on eating to fuel my body when it is truly hungry! The popular IF trends right now have people fasting 16-18 hours, which I have found to be a tad too long for me. Instead 14 hours has been my magic number. Basically I stop eating around 9pm and then eat again around 11-12pm depending on my day! This has allowed me to truly feel hungry, and I feel like my body is truly using the food I eat for fuel. When we eat, our bodies can’t use all the energy from food immediately. The leftover energy must be stored away for later use. Insulin is the key hormone involved in the storage of food energy. Insulin rises when we eat, helping to store the excess energy in two separate ways. Sugars are turned glycogen and stored in the liver. The liver only has so much glycogen storage, and the excess glucose gets stored as fat. When we fast however, the insulin levels fall, allowing our body to start using stored energy as fuel. This causes the body to use the excess glucose that was stored as fat.Insulin levels fall, signaling the body to start burning stored energy. Our bodies use Glycogen because is the most accessible energy source. Glycogen is broken down into glucose, which can power the bodies cells for up to 36 hours. Once that has been used, fat is broken down and burned as energy. In the past two months I have found more energy, been able to sleep better, and lose a few pounds! More than the weight loss which was secondary, I’ve gained more muscle tone without changing my workouts and have had less “unhealthy eating” self talk! I was worried at first that it could trigger my history of disordered thoughts and habits, but instead it has helped free me of those beliefs. I have more food freedom now that I am able to truly see food as energy, and am no longer just eating to eat. If you are interested in learning more about IF, I’d love to help you navigate it! Shoot me an email or DM!
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Secret to Success: Don’t Quit!

' Today’s post is inspired by a quote I saw on Facebook, but also by a pattern I have been noticing in my work both as a counselor and personal trainer. Often, when pursuing a goal exercise or athlete related, we think about either making our goal or failing to make it. However it is not that black and white, which is why this quote struck out to me so much this morning. Each goal is a journey, and like any journey, we are going to take breaks or make a pit stop that sets us back, however the only time the journey ends is when we decide to quit. Exercise should not be a temporary activity just until you lose “the last 5 pounds” and then you go back to a sedentary lifestyle. In that scenario, exercise is the break or the pit stop- not the journey. Exercise can be a powerful thing- it allows us a 30-60 minute break in our day when we can breathe, focus on our body, and thank our body for all it does through something that is good for it. It should be a lifelong habit, a way of life. Obviously not all forms of exercise are sustainable forever because of wear and tear, but there are options for everyone 98% of the time. That being said, none of us are perfect and so we will take our days off, which sometimes turn into months or years. We will have our cheat food days when we eat pizza and ice cream and drink too many beers. These days- the days we let go and allow ourselves the freedom to not exercise, or not adhere to strict food guidelines- these are NOT failures! They are simply the detours on our journey, and are often necessary for adherence to any program. Many of my clients, express guilt or a feeling of a failure after these days. They shame and guilt themselves, believing that they have failed. But then with some renewed motivation, they begin again. The pattern here is this nasty feeling of shame and guilt. Instead of being an actual motivating factor it just cuts even deeper into ourself esteem. Instead, remind yourself of the journey you are on- for lifelong health, a peace of mind and to be happy with who you are! That means embracing those times of “failure” and work them into your program. If you know you are going on vacation or celebrating, or just have a day where working out isn’t possible- work that into your week. Bring healthy food/snacks or allow yourself the space to indulge a little bit without judgement. Take a walk on the beach or wherever you may be on a trip and enjoy your surroundings! Savor the food you are eating, and enjoy the company you are with! At the end of the day- it is these experiences we remember and cherish! The only failure is in giving up on yourself and quitting! So enjoy life, enjoy healthy food and exercise and enjoy the little detours!
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Opening Ceremonies Korean Recipe Round Up

' The Olympics are my favorite sporting event, and since 2000, I have celebrated the tradition of watching the Opening Ceremonies with the food from the host country. What started as takeout from Outback Steakhouse for Sydney in 2000, has morphed into Opening Ceremonies viewing parties for London, Sochi, Rio, and now PyeongChang! I had never made Korean food before Friday night, but I love most Asian cuisine and make a lot of Chinese and Thai inspired dishes , so I was excited to bring a new flavor into my repertoire! I will definitely be making these dishes again.... with the only change being actually hunting down wonton wrappers for my egg rolls. When I couldn’t find them at Kroger, I instead grabbed rice paper. While rice paper is great for yummy spring rolls and wraps.... frying with it is not advised unless you have a lot of patience and time. Anyone following my instagram storied Friday night can attest to my frustration with the egg rolls, but they tasted delicious even if they didn’t look... pretty! Here are the recipes I used to create my feast:   My friend Sam made these delicious Sesame noodles as a vegan treat and they were so good! I also made Korean Short Ribs and Bao buns from Trader Joe’s! It was a delicious start to PyeongChang 2018, now go Team USA (and team GB)!!!!  
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Mental Toughness

' As a personal trainer and sport psychology consultant, I focus a lot on mental toughness. This is a subject you hear most about in the sports real, however I have found that it is neccessary for everyone in every walk of life. we are all going to be thrown obstacles and make mistakes, but true success and toughness is navigating through these to constant grow into your best self. Mental toughness is is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence. To build mental toughness, these are the attributes that need to become part of your daily routine. Motivation: Why are you in you doing whatever it is that you are doing, be it work, health, athletics etc? What drives you every day? Identifying these factors will help you when you feel like you are losing sight of where you are going and help keep you on the right path. Goal Setting: What do you want to accomplish? At the beginning of each month, write down your goals and intentions for that month. These may be short term goals or smaller goals that add up to a longer term goal. Track your progress weekly with a goal journal. Self-Talk: One of the most important skills is self-talk. We often undermine ourselves by giving strength to negative thoughts and beliefs about our selves without even realizing it. I have seen this especially in women, using self deprecating comments and thoughts as a defense mechanism for insecurities and self doubt. It can be so hard to stop these thoughts, as they are often deeply ingrained in who we think we are, however gaining control of our negative thoughts, and building more positivity and confidence in the way we think about ourselves is key. Relaxation: Take time to breathe, and calm your self . Start by taking 5 deep breaths in through your nose and our through your mouth. While doing this allow yourself to focus only on the sensation of breathing, how it feels to expand your lungs, and feeling the relief that comes with each exhale. This is a simple practice that you can do virtually anywhere when you are feeling that you are just go through the motions, feeling at a dead end, or losing sight of your goals Spending 5-10 minutes each day with quiet diaphragm breathing will allow you to calm anxiety and anger. All of these skills will help you to build mental toughness and persevere through whatever life throws your way!
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Taco Bake

' Happy Tuesday!! Today, I am sharing a new recipe I made up last night and it is easy, delicious, and nutritious! I am all about warming, healthier comfort foods in the winter, and this Taco Bake is no exception! Brown rice, ground turkey, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and salsa come together in perfect harmony! Plus it was boy approved so you know its good! This can be done dairy free, I topped mine with cheese at the end to bake but wasnt totally neccessary if you are trying to avoid cheese! Ingredients 1 lb ground turkey 2 c brown rice cooked 1 container shiitake mushrooms 2 red bell peppers 3 c chopped spinach 2 shallots 1 container Trader Joe’s mild salsa 1 Pack taco seasoning 1tbsp avocado oil While rice is cooking, brown ground turkey and shallots in avocado oil. Once turkey is close to done, add in diced mushrooms and taco seasoning. Cook for two minutes before adding peppers and spinach. Once rice is done, mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, and add in salsa Add all ingredients back into skillet, top with cheese of choice if wanted and cook on 350 for 20 minutes! Let sit for a few minutes to cool and enjoy!!! This makes a lot of food so it’s a great meal to add in of you are big on meal prep Peking healthy and easy dishes that save really well! Let me know if you try it! Xxoo Meg
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Making the best of 2018

' Happy New Year! This time of year is full of resolutions, pledges to be a “new you” and plans to create a better year than the year before! However, it doesn’t have to be a passing trend or 5 minute resolution that you drop the 2nd week of January! Instead of resolutions, take time this week, the first full week of the year and make intentions, and then goals to support those intentions. Use a journal (I love the Self Journal from Best Self), white board, poster etc. Whatever speaks to you and will help keep you accountable to these goals intentions. So how do we go about setting intentions and goals? First, think about how you want to feel this year- what attitudes and feelings do you want to cultivate and create? Then set goals and actions to help make those intentions realities! For example, I want to create more happiness and confidence in 2018 so that I can persevere no matter the situation and not give into dramatics. To do this, I will be journaling, meditating, sticking to a clean eating plan which effects my mood, and making sure I work out for at least 20 min 6 days a week which also boosts my happiness and mood! Using a daily journal is a hobby I have done in the past and quickly fallen off, so to keep myself accountable this year I am really trying to stick to it as I know it helps! Need help setting intentions and goals? Let me know! I would love to help!! Xxoo Meg
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Comfort Zones

' Hi Y’all! I mentioned this subject yesterday on Instagram, but the topic of comfort zones has really been sitting heavy with me this past week! So today I am going to get real with you, a little vulnerable, but very honest. 3 years ago, I was full time personal training and practicing sports psychology, and I was basically forced to live outside my comfort zone constantly because of the fluid and sometimes sporadic nature of the industry that I am in. It got too much, and instead of sticking it out to pursue my goals, I stepped backwards into a comfortable job and steady paycheck. I put my business on the back burner during this time, and was content to just live in that comfort zone of steadiness without being truly fulfilled or in an environment that supported my growth. This past May, I decided enough was enough due to a number of circumstances and took a leap back into what I started years ago. I left my steady comfort zone job to go back into full time training and counseling. And even though there are times I am living in a place of fear and uncertainty, every single day I go to work and am fulfilled. On days when I want to live in self pity and fear, working with clients and helping people get healthy and find themselves makes me 100% better. I am learning to push past the fear and doubts telling me to stop, and instead am learning to embrace putting myself out there, tackling the obstacles, and working harder and smarter to reach my goals and help more people! The reason for sharing this, is to let y’all know that I get it. Sometimes, a lot of times actually it is easier to not try, to not push yourself out there. But taking the easy way out will never allow you to truly reach your goals. It’s when we are tested, and pushed to our limits that our light truly shines and we can achieve anything! This week, journal or take time to think about what comfort zones you are living in that may be holding you back. Are you worried about working out because its been awhile and the gym makes you nervous? Worried about taking that plunge toward your dream job or house or life? Write it down, and then figure out the steps to get out of that comfort zone every day. Baby steps are all it takes to lead to a huge change down the road! If you want guidance or support, reach out! I’d love to hear from you and help! Xxoo Meg
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Healthy Eating during the Holidays: Breakfast

' It’s the holiday season, and healthy eating is more important than ever! For the next few weeks I will be sharing different tips to stay healthier and on track! This week we will start with breakfast! Breakfast is a hot topic for a lot of people- and can go many different ways! Some people love it and have it every morning, and some always skip it- opting instead for coffee! I don’t always eat a big breakfast, but will always try to have something in the morning! Especially lately, I am a big smoothie drinker. This is great for people who need something quick, nutrient dense and delicious! In my smoothies, I throw Arbonne protein, Collagen Peptides, frozen berries or ice, spinach and usually some mixed nut butter from Trader Joe’s! These smoothies are filling, have a good balance of fats, carbs and proteins, and get me through the morning training! During this season, especially with holiday parties, cocktail parties and big meals- it is important to get nutrients early on! You can also make smoothie bowls and add coconut flakes, granola, fresh fruit and more nut butter! This is really good for people who dont like drinking their meals! If you aren’t a smoothie drinker and crave something warmer and more savory- Eggs, greens (I love making omelets to get more veggies in!) and protein like chicken breakfast sausage, bacon etc! Make sure you have a balanced meal- with as many veggies as possible as well as healthy proteins and fats! Savory oatmeal is also something I am coming to love. This is a great source of carbs and again you can top it with sautéed veggies and a fried egg! Use breakfast as a way to jumpstart your day in a healthy way! Especially if you know you are headed somewhere with less healthy options later! Xxoo Meg