Comfort Zones

Hi Y’all!
I mentioned this subject yesterday on Instagram, but the topic of comfort zones has really been sitting heavy with me this past week!
So today I am going to get real with you, a little vulnerable, but very honest. 3 years ago, I was full time personal training and practicing sports psychology, and I was basically forced to live outside my comfort zone constantly because of the fluid and sometimes sporadic nature of the industry that I am in. It got too much, and instead of sticking it out to pursue my goals, I stepped backwards into a comfortable job and steady paycheck. I put my business on the back burner during this time, and was content to just live in that comfort zone of steadiness without being truly fulfilled or in an environment that supported my growth.
This past May, I decided enough was enough due to a number of circumstances and took a leap back into what I started years ago. I left my steady comfort zone job to go back into full time training and counseling. And even though there are times I am living in a place of fear and uncertainty, every single day I go to work and am fulfilled. On days when I want to live in self pity and fear, working with clients and helping people get healthy and find themselves makes me 100% better. I am learning to push past the fear and doubts telling me to stop, and instead am learning to embrace putting myself out there, tackling the obstacles, and working harder and smarter to reach my goals and help more people!
The reason for sharing this, is to let y’all know that I get it. Sometimes, a lot of times actually it is easier to not try, to not push yourself out there. But taking the easy way out will never allow you to truly reach your goals. It’s when we are tested, and pushed to our limits that our light truly shines and we can achieve anything!
This week, journal or take time to think about what comfort zones you are living in that may be holding you back. Are you worried about working out because its been awhile and the gym makes you nervous? Worried about taking that plunge toward your dream job or house or life? Write it down, and then figure out the steps to get out of that comfort zone every day. Baby steps are all it takes to lead to a huge change down the road!
If you want guidance or support, reach out! I’d love to hear from you and help!

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