Making the best of 2018

Happy New Year!
This time of year is full of resolutions, pledges to be a “new you” and plans to create a better year than the year before! However, it doesn’t have to be a passing trend or 5 minute resolution that you drop the 2nd week of January!

Instead of resolutions, take time this week, the first full week of the year and make intentions, and then goals to support those intentions. Use a journal (I love the Self Journal from Best Self), white board, poster etc. Whatever speaks to you and will help keep you accountable to these goals intentions.

So how do we go about setting intentions and goals? First, think about how you want to feel this year- what attitudes and feelings do you want to cultivate and create? Then set goals and actions to help make those intentions realities!

For example, I want to create more happiness and confidence in 2018 so that I can persevere no matter the situation and not give into dramatics. To do this, I will be journaling, meditating, sticking to a clean eating plan which effects my mood, and making sure I work out for at least 20 min 6 days a week which also boosts my happiness and mood! Using a daily journal is a hobby I have done in the past and quickly fallen off, so to keep myself accountable this year I am really trying to stick to it as I know it helps!

Need help setting intentions and goals? Let me know! I would love to help!!

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