Meal Prep

If you are interested in health or fitness at all, odds are you have heard of, or already do, meal planning. Meal Planning is a great way to stick to your goals and stay on track each week with healthy eating! Plus it is cheaper and saves both time and money!

Going in with a plan is always a better and more efficient way to shop, so come up with the recipes you want to make and figure out what you need from the store! Pick out a time to shop and prep that is the same or close to the same each week. This will help you stick to a routine. Prepping can take a few hours, so its often done on the weekends when there is time to cook and shop! Knowing your weekly schedule can also help you plan, like if you know you have lunch or dinner plans during the week, shop and plan accordingly!

I do my grocery shopping on Monday mornings each week and then usually cook that afternoon during my break. When I go to the grocery, I go with about 3-4 recipes worth of ingredients written down, and that allows for meals for both lunch and dinner mon-friday. I usually have a smoothie for breakfast so if I’m out of those ingredients I will stock up as well!

This week my menu is as follows:

Trader Joe’s Sundried Tomato Basil Chicken Sausages
1 Red Bell Pepper
2 zuchhini

I cooked the sausages until almost cooked, then sliced them up and threw them back in the pan with the veggies.
Once cooked through, put in Tupperware and let cool before topping and putting in the fridge.

Ground Turkey and Zoodles
1 lb ground turkey
1 frozen package Trader Joe’s Zoodles
1 orange pepper chopped
1tbsp avocado oil

Cook zoodles according to the package, while doing that brown ground turkey in avocado oil.
Once both are cooked, add zoodles into ground turkey and add in chopped peppers, I also added in 1 tbsp of scallion dill cream cheese (could use Kite Hill dairy free cream cheese) for a flavor boost!

Chicken Stirfry
1lb Trader Joe’s organic chicken tenders
1tbsp teriyaki
Sliced shiitake mushrooms
Chopped zucchini
1 yellow pepper chopped
2 c brown rice

Chop up tenders and pan cook, once almost fully cooked, add veggies.
Cook rice in a rice cooker or stovetop according to directions.

Roasted Green Beans
1 bag frozen green beans
1tbsp olive oil
Red chili pepper flakes

Combine all ingredients and roast until green beans are cooked through- about 30 min.

Once everything is cooked an cooled, separate accordingly and then you have a full week of meals to eat and enjoy!

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