Mental Toughness

As a personal trainer and sport psychology consultant, I focus a lot on mental toughness. This is a subject you hear most about in the sports real, however I have found that it is neccessary for everyone in every walk of life. we are all going to be thrown obstacles and make mistakes, but true success and toughness is navigating through these to constant grow into your best self.

Mental toughness is is a collection of attributes that allow a person to persevere through difficult circumstances and emerge without losing confidence. To build mental toughness, these are the attributes that need to become part of your daily routine.
Why are you in you doing whatever it is that you are doing, be it work, health, athletics etc? What drives you every day? Identifying these factors will help you when you feel like you are losing sight of where you are going and help keep you on the right path.
Goal Setting:
What do you want to accomplish? At the beginning of each month, write down your goals and intentions for that month. These may be short term goals or smaller goals that add up to a longer term goal. Track your progress weekly with a goal journal.
One of the most important skills is self-talk. We often undermine ourselves by giving strength to negative thoughts and beliefs about our selves without even realizing it. I have seen this especially in women, using self deprecating comments and thoughts as a defense mechanism for insecurities and self doubt. It can be so hard to stop these thoughts, as they are often deeply ingrained in who we think we are, however gaining control of our negative thoughts, and building more positivity and confidence in the way we think about ourselves is key.
Take time to breathe, and calm your self . Start by taking 5 deep breaths in through your nose and our through your mouth. While doing this allow yourself to focus only on the sensation of breathing, how it feels to expand your lungs, and feeling the relief that comes with each exhale. This is a simple practice that you can do virtually anywhere when you are feeling that you are just go through the motions, feeling at a dead end, or losing sight of your goals
Spending 5-10 minutes each day with quiet diaphragm breathing will allow you to calm anxiety and anger.
All of these skills will help you to build mental toughness and persevere through whatever life throws your way!

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