Opening Ceremonies Korean Recipe Round Up

The Olympics are my favorite sporting event, and since 2000, I have celebrated the tradition of watching the Opening Ceremonies with the food from the host country. What started as takeout from Outback Steakhouse for Sydney in 2000, has morphed into Opening Ceremonies viewing parties for London, Sochi, Rio, and now PyeongChang!

I had never made Korean food before Friday night, but I love most Asian cuisine and make a lot of Chinese and Thai inspired dishes , so I was excited to bring a new flavor into my repertoire! I will definitely be making these dishes again…. with the only change being actually hunting down wonton wrappers for my egg rolls. When I couldn’t find them at Kroger, I instead grabbed rice paper. While rice paper is great for yummy spring rolls and wraps…. frying with it is not advised unless you have a lot of patience and time. Anyone following my instagram storied Friday night can attest to my frustration with the egg rolls, but they tasted delicious even if they didn’t look… pretty!

Here are the recipes I used to create my feast:

Korean Ground Beef Egg Rolls


Bulgogi (Korean BBQ Beef)


Korean Sticky Chicken Recipe


My friend Sam made these delicious Sesame noodles as a vegan treat and they were so good!

Spicy Kimchi Sesame Noodles

I also made Korean Short Ribs and Bao buns from Trader Joe’s!

It was a delicious start to PyeongChang 2018, now go Team USA (and team GB)!!!!


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