Taco Bake

Happy Tuesday!!

Today, I am sharing a new recipe I made up last night and it is easy, delicious, and nutritious! I am all about warming, healthier comfort foods in the winter, and this Taco Bake is no exception! Brown rice, ground turkey, mushrooms, peppers, spinach, and salsa come together in perfect harmony! Plus it was boy approved so you know its good!

This can be done dairy free, I topped mine with cheese at the end to bake but wasnt totally neccessary if you are trying to avoid cheese!

1 lb ground turkey
2 c brown rice cooked
1 container shiitake mushrooms
2 red bell peppers
3 c chopped spinach
2 shallots
1 container Trader Joe’s mild salsa
1 Pack taco seasoning
1tbsp avocado oil

While rice is cooking, brown ground turkey and shallots in avocado oil. Once turkey is close to done, add in diced mushrooms and taco seasoning. Cook for two minutes before adding peppers and spinach.
Once rice is done, mix all ingredients together in a large bowl, and add in salsa

Add all ingredients back into skillet, top with cheese of choice if wanted and cook on 350 for 20 minutes!
Let sit for a few minutes to cool and enjoy!!!

This makes a lot of food so it’s a great meal to add in of you are big on meal prep Peking healthy and easy dishes that save really well!

Let me know if you try it!


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