Why I hate Dieting

Happy Tuesday Y’all!

Today I want to talk about why I hate diets! A few weeks ago, I wrote about Intermittent Fasting, and how well it has worked for me, so now I want to go into why it has worked so well!


I went on my first diet at 16, I had gained a few pounds on a mission trip to Africa and despite the fact that I was an athlete, I wanted to become healthier and more knowledgeable about how I fueled my body. So I bought a bunch of South Beach Diet cookbooks and my foray into dieting began!

Since then, I have tried and failed almost every fad diet of the last 10 years, not even because I needed to lose weight, but because it was trendy to be on said diet. Which brings me to why I hate diets so much! Eating healthy and fueling our bodies shouldn’t be a trend. We shouldn’t feel a societal push to be healthy, we should eat healthy because it feels good for our body!

I love certain parts of Whole30, but know it’s not realistic for me lifestyle wise, high fat low carb diets? I am way too active to be low carb! And my body craves meat so while I love vegetarian dishes, I can never commit to vegetarian ism long term. I have figured out an intuitive way of eating that allows me to stop feeling guilty, because I’m listening to my body and fueling it accordingly!

Are you stuck in the dieting rut?! Let me know, I would love to help you!


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